This clip contains footage of men showing off terrible inventions. Begins with a small graduation in an office. MCU of diplomas being given to 2 men. Shot of the office as paparazzi takes photos, the flash goes off. The men talk around the desk and walk off camera. Cuts to the men walking into a room, the 2 men in cap and gowns point at an upside down table, passing it off as an invention. The men then go to the other side of the room where the man points at a model lighthouse that goes underwater, he pushes the light house and it goes into a small tank of water. MCU as one man in cap and gown talks to a man in a suit. 3 of the men look at each other confused. The man in cap and gown then points at a bell. Cuts back to the 3 men looking confused. Cuts to a man starting a motor attached to a desk, then he sits in a device , the men in cap and gown and suits stand around the desk. Cuts to the men around an ice box, a woman approaches and pulls a lever, the door opens and a huge block of ice slides out. MCU of the man in cap and gown talking, 3 men in suits stand behind him. Cuts back to the room and the man presses a button. A man’s arm comes out from the wall and hugs the woman around the waist, another man shakes the hand. MS of the men standing in a room. The man in cap and gown takes a hairbrush from his coat pocket, and then a spider from his back pocket. Ends with the men walking back into the office.