This clip contains footage of a fancy event, hats stuck to walls, and a lecture.Begins with MCU of 3 hats stuck to a wall. The men walk over and try to take off the hats, the brims stick to the wall and break, the men put on broken hats, the men walk off angrily. The men walk to a television phone, the tv shows a woman talking next to a vanity with lights, other women in dress slips stand behind her, the woman takes off her robe and the television fades. MCU of the man looking annoyed. He turns the television back on and the woman is standing in her slip, she slams the door closed. Cuts to a room full of people talking, they all wear nice clothing and the men in cap and gowns. They all talk then leave the room. Cuts to women entering a lecture hall and sitting in desks. The teacher stands in front of a blackboard and introduces the 2 men. The teacher sits and the men begin speaking. The man waves his finger disapprovingly at the women. Cuts back and forth to CU of women speaking and the men.