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This clip contains footage about how to use group work with teenage delinquents to get them on a better path, contains VO of how to deal with certain situations. Begins with MCU of a man’s face, he does group work. Cuts to MS of one of the teens stealing a bag of potato chips from a food stand, the owner of the stand begins to yell at him. Cuts to MS as the man is about to get in his car. Cuts to MS of the food stand, the owner yells at the teen to pay, the teens yell back, the owner threatens to call the police and the man walks over to convince him not to, the man takes the teen’s chips. Cuts to MS of the man placing the bag on the ground and throwing a dime at the owner, the man walks off, the teens watch him leave. Dissolve to MCU of the man playing catch. Cuts to MS of the teens horsing around on a baseball field, 2 teens are playing keep away with one of the boys gloves. Cuts to MCU of the man catching a ball and throwing it back. Cuts to MS of 2 teens fighting, one pulls out a switchblade. Cuts to MS of the man throwing down his glove and walking over. Cuts to MS of the teen with the blade and the man trying to convince him to put it away. Cuts to MS of a man walking over. Cuts back to MS of the teens, the teen puts the knife away. Cuts to MCU of the man telling the teen he only wants the knife when the teen realizes he doesn’t need it. Cuts to MS of the 2 men approaching each other and talking. Cuts to MCU of the teens watching the man.