This clip contains footage about the importance of group work for teenage delinquents, but how change does not occur overnight. Begins with MCU as one of the teens, Jerry, is carving their group name ‘Regals’ into a wooden name plate on the wall, the man is behind him nodding in approval, PAN to the rest of the teens in the club house playing billiards and ping-pong, one teen runs into the leader and another pushes a teen into Jerry. Cuts to MCU of Jerry as another teen calls him ‘chicken like his old man’. Cuts to MCU of the other teen throwing down a cue stick. Cuts back to MCU of Jerry. Cuts back to MCU of the other teen. Cuts back to MCU of Jerry, they begin fighting and running into the wall and couch. Cuts to MCU as Jerry pulls out a switchblade, the man convinces him to put it away, Jerry runs out. Dissolve to MS interior of Jerry’s home, his stepmother is shaking her head at him, the father comes home, Jerry tries to explain why he fought. Cuts to MCU of Jerry and his father, the father tells him to go change, Jerry walks away. Cuts to MCU of the father and step mother.