This clip contains footage about going through adolescence and teenage delinquents in the 50s. Begins with CU of a teenage boy’s face, zoom out to MS of a family around a dinner table, the stepmother begins complaining about the boy getting in trouble at school, she stands up and begins clearing the table, she pats the youngest boy’s head, the teenager stands up and runs out. Cuts to MCU of the teenage boy walking out his front door, he pulls a switchblade out of his back pocket, in frustration he plunges the knife into the door. Cuts to CU of the knife in the door. Fade in to MCU of a teenage boy rolling dice and smoking a cigarette. VO of a narrator discussing the difficulties of growing up, particularly if one faces emotional or social problems, and names each boy and their personal problems. Cuts to MS of a food stand, many teenage boys sit around it. Cuts to MCU of the teenager from the dinner table carving his name in wood. Cuts to MCU of the teenager smoking a cigarette. Cuts to MCU of another teenage boy watching dice being thrown. Cuts to MCU of a teenage boy doing push ups, another teenagers steps on him. The boy that steps on him purchases a hot dog. Cuts to MCU of the teenager from the dinner table continuing to carve his name.