This clip contains footage about the importance of group work and the dangers of teenage delinquents. Begins with MS PAN of Jerry, a teenager, walking down the sidewalk playing with a switchblade. Cuts to MCU TRACK of Jerry walking down the sidewalk and cutting leaves off trees that hang in front of him. Dissolve to MS of the clubhouse as they vote for offices. Cuts to MS of Jerry entering the clubhouse, PAN as he walks through the room, the leader nominates him for an office and the boys vote for him. Cuts to MCU of one boy talking about how Jerry’s stepmother plans to kick Jerry out of the club, PAN to Jerry, the boy walks out of frame and Jerry goes after him with the switchblade ready, the group worker grabs him by the arms and restrains him, they struggle, the group worker lets him go and Jerry runs out, the rest of the gang decides they need to do something and they leave with the group worker.