This clip is about President William McKinley’s death and funeral, but begins with unrelated footage of a horse drawn fire truck racing to a fire. It begins with a CU of a bell ringing. A WS of men in horse drawn fire carriages / wagons leaving the fire station. A shot of the wagon racing past the camera. A CU of the galloping horses. Shots of the wagons at various angles. A WS of the wagons pulling up to the building. A shot of the old fashioned fire engine. Transitions to a WS of a man pointing out something in the newspaper to another man. A WS of a New York City street. A shot of buildings from the street. A WS of buildings with clothes lines connecting them with laundry on them and the NYC skyline in the background. A panning shot of people in a park. A WS of people carrying President William McKinley’s casket. A closer shot of the men carrying the casket. A WS of the men placing the casket on the horse drawn wagon. The wagon moving down the street. A WS of soldiers marching in a funeral procession. Police officers walking in front and along side the wagon. A shot of Theodore Roosevelt, as Vice President, mourning the death of McKinley during the funeral procession.