This clip contains footage about the rise of the Soviet Union and KGB, VO throughout. Begins with a large, red flag with Lenin’s face. Cuts to the Soviet Union/KGB symbol, red background. A car drives away from the Soviet headquarters in Moscow. Cuts to B&W STILL of Soviet members in a board room. Cuts to B&W footage of Lenin speaking. Cuts to various B&W shots of Russian troops marching and driving, and crowds receiving rations. CU of Stalin at a podium, cut to a room filled with people clapping, cut back to Stalin speaking. Cuts to various shots of Ukrainian peasants who protested the collective farms law under Stalin. Various shots inside a courtroom where “show trials” took place to arrest and execute Soviet General Staff. Cuts to MCU of Stalin in a casket. Cuts to PAN of Russians marching in the street for the procession/memorial. MCU of Stalin loyalists marching.