This clip contains footage of Theodore Roosevelt, ex president, running for reelection, against William Howard Taft and Woodrow Wilson, under his newly formed “Bull Moose” party. It begins with a shot of a large cruise ship. A MS of Theodore Roosevelt waving from the ship. A closer shot of Roosevelt. A WS of Roosevelt walking with a large police escort, greeting the American people. Roosevelt talking and shaking hands. Shots of Roosevelt on horse back with a large police escort in going down a street in a parade like fashion. A WS of the crowd watching the parade. A WS of Roosevelt within a large crowd. Roosevelt taking the stage. Roosevelt giving a speech. Roosevelt waving from the back of a train car as it pulls away from the station. Roosevelt entering a car. Roosevelt greeting the masses from a car. A MS of Roosevelt giving a campaign speech. A WS of Roosevelt giving a speech in front of a crowd. A shoot of Roosevelt sitting in a chair. A WS of The Capitol. A shot of Taft shaking hands with the victorious Woodrow Wilson. Taft entering a car. A WS of his car moving through a large crowd.