This clip contains footage of William Howard Taft as a presidential candidate and not yet as president. It begins with a MCU of Taft marking his score card during a round of golf. A MS of Taft crossing over a plank of wood across a gully. A MS of Taft chipping a shot from the dirt. A MS of Taft using his driver for a “tee shot.”A shot of Taft reading a speech. A shot of Taft shaking hands with a line of people. A different shot of Tatf shaking hands with people. A MS of William Jennings Bryan. A WS of a crowd. A shot of Bryan giving a speech. A shot of Bryan shaking hands. A CU of Bryan. A shot of Taft walking with a police escort. A CU of Taft smiling. Taft in a carriage. Taft’s carriage pulling away. A shot of Taft reading a speech.