This clip shows the first Thanksgiving between the pilgrims and the Indians. Pilgrims on a beach wave goodbye to the Mayflower, then walk off. There is a shot of the soil, and a fish is thrown in the soil along with some seeds. Cut to a shot of fish in a basket, then LS of a pilgrim woman sweeping outside her house. Inside, a woman cooks at a fireplace, and two children read. Corn is harvested in LS, then the crop is gathered into bundles. People prepare food, shuck corn, cook lobster. Indians come through a bush carrying a deer tied to a stick. Children run up to join them. An Indian aims a bow, then a child tries to do the same. Pilgrims and Indians look on and laugh. In ELS people play during Thanksgiving. In ELS, a large procession of pilgrims walk through Plymouth, led by a drummer boy at the front.