This clip shows the struggles of the pilgrims when they first reached Plymouth, from building their settlement to the illnesses they endured. There is a LS of a shallop carrying passengers with sails out. Men ax trees, then there is a CU of a saw cutting through some wood. A wedge is shoved in a piece of wood to split it. In another shot, men move planks of wood, then men measure plots of ground with long sticks. Women and children stand on the side, looking on. Men work on the roof of a house, lifting straw and attaching it to the frame of the roof. Someone lies sick, then cut to some men pulling out a dead body on a stretcher, covered in black cloth. An old woman looks sad, then walks inside the doorway where the body was just taken out. Sick people lay on the floor. An old man cares for them, then the woman does as well. CU of a quill writing by candlelight.