This clip shows the pilgrims’ first interactions with Indians, including Samoset, Squanto, and Chief Massasoit.The clip opens on a shot of a stream with snow still on the ground; something crawls about in the water. In the next shot, some men polish armor, then an Indian comes down a path. He speaks to the pilgrims in English and is named Samoset. He tells them about another Indian named Squanto. Samoset and Squanto speak to a group of pilgrims, some wearing armor, in the next shot. The pilgrims follow the Indians off screen. Some pilgrims bring a group of the Indians back. The chief, Massasoit, and the governor of the pilgrims talk and eat as they sit on the floor. They discuss a peace treaty. The men embrace. In LS the Mayflower sails away, back to England. The pilgrims wave to the boat as it leaves. There is a MS pan of some of their faces looking on.