This clip contains the last half of a WWII propaganda cartoon featuring Private Snafu. Begins with a Nazi looking over Snafu and points to a cord that should have been plugged into a machine gun to prevent overheating, the nazi then takes out a knife and puts it under Snafu’s nose. The nazi chases Snafu to a cannon, then puts his arms up in fear. A mouse comes out of the cannon and wipes dust from the inside, then a family of ducks flies out. The nazi then blows into the cannon and utensils, pots and rolling pins fly out at Snafu. Snafu runs to a car but it won’t start, the Nazi throws the grenade and it explodes. A naked Snafu falls through the air as he continues holding on to the steering wheel. Fade in to a naked Snafu behind a fence marked ‘Prison Kamp’ with swastikas on either side, the Nazi waits stands outside smiling. Snafu’s naked butt turns into a donkey’s behind.