This clip contains the second half of a WWII propaganda cartoon featuring Private Snafu. Begins with Snafu drunk on a couch with lipstick kisses on his face, a beautiful blonde woman is holding him, zoom in to the woman’s breasts which turn out to be radio transmitters with swastikas on them. Dissolves to an SS officer with a swastika sleeve, he has headphones on as he listens to Private Snafu and writes down what he says. Cuts to cartoon of Hitler, a microphone with a swastika is on a desk and a Nazi flag hangs behind him, a Nazi comes through the wall and salutes him, then Hitler takes the microphone and calls to the wolf pack. Cuts to 8 submarines emerging from the water in a swastika formation. Cuts to a ship sailing away and being followed by the Nazi submarines. Cuts to Snafu on the back of the ship as he spots the Nazis, Snafu falls into the water and the submarines surround him before firing a missile. A hole appears in the water and Snafu falls down through to Hell into a pot, Hitler appears as Satan, with horns and he holds a pitchfork, then 4 devils appear. Cuts to Hitler holding a mirror up to Snafu, the reflection turns into a donkey’s behind.