This clip is from a WWII propaganda cartoon of Private Snafu. Begins with Snafu walking down the road talking about how he has a secret to keep, CU of his face as he zips his lips. Cuts to CU of Snafu’s brain with a padlock and chain around it. He walks past a horse that turns out to be a costume with an enemy hiding inside who is attempting to listen to him. Snafu then walks by a stroller with a baby inside, the baby turns out to be a Japanese man dressed as a baby, racist stereotyping occurs. Cuts to a street corner where people pop out of different hiding places (rain gutter, sewer top, mailbox, lamppost) whispering about Snafu having a secret. Cuts to Snafu talking on the phone to his mother, zoom in to the phone, inside is a Japanese man taking down what is said. Cuts to 3 men in phone booths eavesdropping. Cuts to Snafu walking to a newspaper stand, the owner reads a magazine called ‘Sex’, PAN to 3 men holding newspapers with faces on them, the men lower the papers revealing their faces and talking about the secret. Cuts to Snafu at a bar, PAN to 2 moose heads, they put their antlers together making a swastika, back to Snafu raising a shot in one hand, he then downs the bottle. Shows the inside of Snafu filling up with liquor, the steam from this liquor slowly rises and dissolves the chains and padlock around his brain, his zipped lip comes undone. Snafu runs to a table with a beautiful blonde woman with a feathered hat and says he hopes to meet women as beautiful as her in Africa, PAN to underneath the table as she types on a mini-typewriter, she then brings the letter up to her hat where the feathers turn out to be a bird that flies off with the letter, zoom in as the bird flies, the letter is addressed to Adolf with a swastika stamp.