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This clip is from a WWII propaganda cartoon of Private Snafu. Begins with Snafu in a tent reading the paper and singing. Cuts to the outside of the tent, his feet hang outside, a cannon sits behind him and a shotgun is in the ground next to him. Cuts to a fat Nazi with a swastika on his helmet creeping towards the tent, he holds a grenade of sorts. Cuts back to the tent, Snafu sticks out his head, sees the nazi and grabs his gun. Cuts to Snafu putting the gun on the nazi’s butt, the nazi turns and is scared, his clothes flutter around his large stomach, sand begins to come out of the rifle. Snafu attempts to shoot but the bullet can’t cut through the sand inside. The nazi rolls up his sleeve angrily, Snafu hits him over the head with the rifle and runs. The nazi chases him to a machine gun, Snafu is behind and starts firing it, the nazi runs. The gun begins firing but quickly overheats and melts.