Compilations of cigarette TV commercials. (00:02:59;23: Marlboro) A silhouette of buffalo, CU of Marlboro man with cigarette, (00:03:20;05: Chesterfield)Marching band marching through a Tobacco field. (00:03:47;05: Kent) At construction site. A man smoking a cigarette. His coworker asks for one. The man tosses a pack of cigarette. (00:04:06;09: Lucky Strike) Stop animation. Cigarettes men walking in circle. (00:04;20;18: Viceroy Filter Cigarette) At dance party. A man offers a young man Viceroy filter cigarette. (00:04:52;25: Kool) Animated ad with penguins dancing. (00;04:58;17: Old Gold) TV ad with the Dancing Packs. Tap-dancing.