Commercial for Lucky Strike cigarettes; seven pairs of Lucky Strike cigarettes assemble to square dance while an emcee Lucky Strike leads them; song: “Places, all! All join hands, circle left! Now, circle right and listen to me: L.S., L.S., M.F.T.!; element (?) your corners like swinging on a gate... [next set of commands slightly incomprehensible]; meet your honey and give her a whirl, all swing around with a lit-tle girl! Smoke ‘em, smoke ‘em, then you’ll see L.S. L.S. M.F.T.!”; birds eye view of cigarettes dancing in unison; song: “Promenade and don’t you fall; promenade around the hall--Lucky Strike is first again, first again with tobacco men! Promenade straight down the pike, it’s time right now for a Lucky Strike! Yes for smoking that you’re bound to like, you just can’t beat a Lucky Strike!”