A man wearing an apron excitedly gathers ingredients in a kitchen. He separates an egg, tosses flour everywhere. He reads a cookbook. An egg drops to the flour. He fills the mixer to the brim, opens the oven, places the cake mix inside. The cake expands greatly in the oven. He covers the cake in Cool Whip from a carton. He lights a candle and carries the cake through a doorway, now wearing a suit. He places it on the table in front of his delighted partner. The words ‘You can’t go wrong with Cool Whip.’ appear on screen. A bottle of Pepto- Bismol and a spoon with the words ‘The Pepto- Bismol Honor Roll’ across the frame. A young man sits watching tv while tossing a baseball into his mitt. He is surrounded by food wrappers. A little girl sits under an umbrella at her lemonade stand in the pouring rain, drinking lemonade. Three young boys eat their lunch in the woods. A boy sits at a kitchen table covered in cereal boxes and empty milk bottles eating a banana. 2 bottles of Pepto- Bismol and a line of spoons.