Tracking shot of man on amusement park like swing ride as he falls off. Man on a talk show attempts to bounce on a Pogo stick and falls. Older woman is being helped into a carriage, sits and crushes the seat. Group of people pulling tarp over a sports field, one person falls and is trapped underneath the tarp. Girl doing gymnastic routine on non parallel bars, after she finishes the bars fall. Three girls in glittery white leotard perform a dance and they slip and fall. A black man who appears to be a Rastafarian gestures to the camera and walks straight into a tree and falls backwards. Black man watches a group of water skiers from railing of a boat, and the water skiers fall over one by one, the man laughs after they have all fallen down. Multiple models on a runway, as they turn to present the side of the garment one model slips and falls. Man tries to walk on water using inflatable shoes and falls back into water. Man attempts to approach a person who fell off his dirt bike and falls as he is about to reach him, another man tries to approach them both and falls as well. A black female reporter jogs along side a marathon runner but trips, she attempts to jog along side another runner and trips again.