A bridegroom in Scottish garb sets his bride down, then falls over backwards so the audience gets a good look up his kilt. A bride tries to mount a black horse, but slips off. A bride tries to descend stairs, followed by her bridesmaids, but trips down the stairs. A bride dances energetically, but slips, and the other dancers look on. Some bridesmaids sneeze and swat at something, running in fear from something (perhaps a bee?). A bride tosses her bouquet, and the three girls that run to catch it trip. A bride at the altar realizes she is standing next to the wrong man. A bride and groom, with help from the bride’s mother, try to cut the cake, but it proves to be very difficult for some reason. A bridesmaid is caught sneaking a drink from a flask during the wedding photo. The men in a wedding party toss their hats in the air, and one of them lands on the bride’s head.