Man is walking through backyard, he slips and spills his drink. Woman on rope swing falls into muddy pit. Adult male goes down child’s slide and breaks it as his friends watch and laugh. Man and woman play fight outside, man pushes woman into child’s pool and she breaks it. Man goes down harness that runs across a pool, the man goes half way and falls into water. Man attempts to balance himself and walk across a narrow railing in a pool, he slips and falls on the railing between his legs. Five people sit in inner tubes being pulled along by a boat, one person falls off and the empty inner tube knocks the other four into the water. Two people are being pulled by a boat while on inner tubes, they go over a wave and flip over. A woman attempts to hug a man and they both fall through a curtained open door. Three costumed actors perform on stage, an actor dressed as a monkey falls off stage. A group of people dance in a conga line, one person attempts to join but falls. A man and woman perform a dance on stage, the male dancer attempts to lift the female dancer over his head but drops her. Four women dance on stage, as they twirl one slips and falls. A man and a woman go down a snowy hill on inner tubes, the man crashes into a tree. A person goes down a snowy hill on an inner tube and crashes into someone else. A woman and a child play in the snow, the woman falls on the child. A man goes down a snowy hill on an inner tube and falls off as he reaches the bottom of the hill. A boy sits in a hammock and falls backwards. Women perform high kicks in unison while outside, one of the women falls backward as she attempts a high kick. An older woman attempts to ride a pony and falls off. A person riding a dirt bike crashes into a bush and roles off the bike. A man attempts to walk across a narrow tree stump and falls into the water beneath it. A man and a woman are in the bathroom, the man is standing on the toilet and falls into the toilet. An older man and woman sit on a bench, as they move closer to each other the bench falls backwards.