Promo for Los Angeles. Begins with aerial shot of Los Angeles. Dissolve to a sign for the San Fernando Mission. A priest in robes walks in front of the mission holding a book. A couple leans into a water fountain. A mariachi band, with guitarists and violinists, playing in front of a crowd. Shots of people in the crowd smiling, some have confetti on them. Quick shots of a piñata and sombreros being sold at vendor booths. A woman tries on a hat. Aerial view of the mountains around LA including the Hollywood sign. Quick shots of studios: MGM, 20th Century Fox, ABC, CBS, NBC, Warner Bros, and Paramount, where a car pulls up to the lot. Cars drive past Central & Hudson. The Chinese Theatre in front of the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Tourists put their hands in the hand prints on the sidewalk. A woman’s wedges standing on Doris Day’s square. Shirley Temple’s square. Out of focus shot of lights. Focusing shot of a lit Hollywood sign. Several night shots of club signs: Pix, The Palomino, Shubert Theatre, Back Lot, Hollywood Bowl, Pantages, Ampitheatre, Whisky a Go Go featuring the Mystic Knights, Starwood with Vince Vance and The Valiants, ABC Entertainment Center. Daytime: a clock tower with Farmers Market, tilt down to a couple smelling flowers and laughing. A vender in an apron wheels a crate of oranges next to a sign offering Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Here. Shots of produce. A bustling farmers market with whimsical art. A car driving in front of the Beverly Hills sign. A black Rolls Royce leaves a mansion and drives down the street.