Surfers wait for waves near a pier in Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles. A couple walks on the shore, getting their feet wet. 

Boy is partially buried under sand; his friends are nearby. Girls play frisbee on the sand. Two checkered flags are erected near a lifeguard stand. Close up shot of a swim-surf sign. Young women in bikinis sunbathe, chat, enjoy the sun, and smoke. 

Long shot of homes, pedestrians, and beachgoers near the waterfront. Boy wearing a baseball cap backwards eats an ice cream while riding his bike; his t-shirt reads “Dodgers,” presumably the Los Angeles Dodgers. 

A police car makes a right turn onto a street. Manhattan Beach traffic. A boy rides his bike while girl sits on his bike’s handle bar. Wide shot of a large beachfront home with a VW van parked on its property; nearby pedestrians notice and then stare at the camera.