Waves break and wash up on the shore of Manhattan Beach, Los Angeles. A police car stops at an intersection. The Manhattan Beach Dial-a-Ride bus is parked and later drives down a street. 

Long shot of beachfront property on Manhattan Beach. Beachgoers walk on the sand under a sunny, though smog-filled, sky. 

Meters possibly for using the tennis courts are shown. A hand turns the knob of one such meter. 

Long shot of people walking to and from the beach. A water tower reads "Manhattan Beach." Long shot of a Manhattan Beach neighborhood. Camera focuses on car's sticker, which reads, "BITE BACK! YES ON 13" - presumably a reference to Proposition 13, which proposed tax limits on real estate in California. 

A surfer wearing a wetsuit paddles on his surfboard. Wide shot of a young couple walking towards the camera, which is in the direction of the beach. 

Shots of beachgoers - a couple jogging on the shore,  women in bikinis. A surfer waits in the water for the next wave.