Super 8 home movie shows youth on their way to, and having fun at, the Human Be-In in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park. 

The car of youth exits the 101 Highway in San Francisco. The sign “Fell St” is seen on the roadside. Victorian-style apartment buildings are seen. The youth film people in nearby cars. Kids play on a patio. POV shot from car down Fell Street, which is north of the Panhandle. SFPD police car, from the Traffic Bureau, sits at the intersection of Stanyan and Fell; a man eating something is standing next to the cop car.

Lots of people are walking in Golden Gate Park to the field where the Human Be-In is taking place. Some people carry guitars. One man with the American flag draped over his shoulders carries his toddler. Parking spots appear limited. A silver-colored car has “ouch” spray painted on its damaged door. Long shot of the Human Be-In in the distance.