Footage shows the Human Be-in San Francisco’s Golden Gate Park in ’67. The focus is mostly of the people who attended: Youth, young couples and their children, hippies, counter-culture types, the fashionably hip, musicians, dancers, and lots of smokers.

A few notable imagery include:

Man wears both a leather vest with “HELLS ANGELS CALIFORNIA” on the back and a biker helmet with a German bar cross symbol, i.e., a Balkenkreuz, on its side. The man walks among throngs of people, away from the camera.

Little girl in a blue and white dress plays with a black & white poster of Ho Chi Minh, a leader of Vietnam in the ‘60s.

A couple kisses each other amongst the chaos of it all. 

The crowds play with a red and white ball, hurling it high into the sky. Clouds of smoke, possibly clouds of marijuana, billow nearby.

A nude baby, facing away from the camera, eats with its hands. The baby’s mother puts food away in a container.