A black and white melodramatic clip about an old-fashioned couple trapped in a burning house, the couples facial expressions of shock and fear, as well as their physical gestures and running are exaggerated and comical. Narration is hokey and melodramatic as well, the narrator often pretending to voice the characters and tell their story, at one point interrupting the couple.Couple tries to open one door but are met with more fire and billows of smoke, run across the room but are foiled again, try another door but the man cannot seem to open it. He thinks for a moment and places a finger to his temple/forehead as though he has an idea. The man pulls the woman by the arm and runs from across the room towards the door, they hit the door and it opens, the couple falls from the door down the many storied building, into an open sidewalk, and into two barrels of water sitting next to one another. Water splashes out from the barrel and the man and woman emerge waterlogged, dripping wet, and a little taken aback from the fall, they embrace and hug one another.Fire, rescue, jump, fall, suspenders, apron, smoke, fear, love, damsel in distress, stupid man

Not Explicit