Animated. Evil looking wizard with beard, the “mad magician”, mixes chemicals in chemistry lab. Table has skull and crossbones. Puts scorpion in brew. Puts mixture into science looking machine. Electricity arcs between balls, like Tesla coils. Electricity arcs on beard, on fox. Gauges spin. Electricity arcs in boy’s hair and hair raises. Machines all start moving and arcing with electricity. Starts to blow steam clouds. Little atom monster jumps out of machine, onto counter and grows. Wizard scowls. Boy holds electrodes connected to coiled wires. Monster claps and scared fox runs away. Wizard shakes hands with monster, captures monster in bottle. Wizard spins in celebration. Portcullis/gate opens and a bomb rolls out. Monster trapped in the warhead of bomb. Airplane picks up bomb through bay doors with magnets on mechanical arms. Wizard shakes hands and boards large bomber with propellers. Boy looks at map. Boy hands scroll to wizard on stairs, stairs extend. Large clock with skull and crossbones hand starts to tick on bomb. Fox starts propellers on airplane. Plane goes down runway. Landing gear tire squishes against ground. Wizard at control of airplane, looks at the clock. Airplane takes off. Boy and fox sit on counter in front of bottles, look sad.