The mad magician is seen in a cockpit, steering an airplane. A young boy and a fox sit inside a laboratory. The magician pulls out a map and looks at his control panel, which has a skull and crossbones on the meter. The shadow (silhouette) of the plane is seen flying over clay terrain. The boy opens a vault with the good atom character inside, as the bomb with the bad atom plummets towards land. An explosion in the lab occurs simultaneously as a mushroom cloud of smoke forms. The good atom emerges from the destruction, and all types of greenery (plants, flowers, mushrooms) begin to spread and grow. Men from different countries and cultures appear, carrying the boy on their back. Various buildings and structures (including nuclear reactors) rebuild next to them, and trees flourish. A girl fox is seen with baby foxes as the men walk with their arms around one another. The fox winks at the end.