Long shot of men standing at table, some are dressed in suits and others in military uniform, on the center of the table is a microphone. They are honoring a man, Lemming, who was apart of the U.S. Air Force and in the 67th Air Squadron and saved people from a flood. Next is an exterior long shot of the flood damage. The water level is at the roof of the houses. Then there is a medium shot of a collapsed home with flood damage. Next Lemming is having a medal pinned to his uniform. Medium shot of Lemming who says how happy he is to receive this medal and that really his whole squadron should be with him to accept the medal since the rescue was a team effort. Ends with a close-up of Lemming's face. Next the title card reads "London" with the United Press logo in the background. There is no sound in the following clips. An older man in a bowler hat is holding up an illegible placard while police aggressively push back press and bystanders. Next are brief shots around London including Big Ben, a nice shot of a London street from the vantage point of a double decker bus with one visible in the foreground, quick shots of people looking in the storefronts of various windows, then the interior of an automobile store with several 1950s style cars and an appliance store is shown quickly with shots of TVs, refrigerators, sinks, and washing machines. Next is a nice long shot of a London road and many different 1940s/1950s style cars past. Lastly is a close-up of a sign which states, "Inland Revenue H.M. Inspector of Taxes" With various locations and times listed underneath. Shots of many coins on a table close the scene.