A man rides a penny farthing bike through square of European style wooden buildings. The man dons Elizabethan style clothing and holds a sheaf of paper and quill. A man juggles. A man dressed as a monk speaks to a man in a suit of armor. The main actor is dressed as a knight and struggles to pull his sword from it’s sheath. He then fences with another man. Next we see him dressed as Napoleon standing before a white horse, dressed as an artist surrounded by women in red dresses, wearing a wig and lawyer’s black frock, playing the sousaphone with a bavarian band, driving an old fashioned motor car, leaning out of a train filled with balloons while dressed as Sherlock Holmes, crossing a river on a boat, riding a roller coaster. He then speaks to the camera while a double decker London bus passes on either side of him. He hops on the back of one of the buses. There is now a line of buses driving in unison away from the camera. Filmed on location at ‘The Old Country’, Busch Gardens in Williamsburg, Virginia.