1938. Title card reads: "Europe's leaders strive to avert new world war." German soldiers questioning men on street. A German soldier stands with his bayonet in front of damaged storefront windows. WS of German civilians standing in front of damaged storefront windows. CU of damaged storefront windows. MS of German civilians reading political posters. CU of political poster. WS of graffiti.

1938. London, England. MS of Czech military plane. MS of Walter Runciman standing in front of plane while others exit plane. Profile view of Runciman. 

1938. Berchtesgaden, Germany. WS of the Bavarian Alps. Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain of Great Britain arrives in car to Hitler's mountain chalet to go over a policy of appeasement. Chamberlain exits car and is greeted by Nazi soldiers. Over the shoulder shot of Hitler shaking hands with Chamberlain. MS of Nazi soldier with gun. MS of Hitler and Chamberlain walking up stairs with Nazi soldiers. 

1938. London, England. LS of Chamberlain exiting plane at Heston airport. Car drives inbetween a crowd of people cheering. WS of a crowd of people standing in front of bulidng. Prime Minister Chamberlain exits car and is greeted by Queen Elizabeth II.