1938. Title card reads: "World-wide news events." WS of German troops marching. Bird's eye view of German army. LS of German soldiers on horseback and standing in tanks. LS of army planes flying overhead. MS of Hitler walking among Nazi soldiers. MS of children waving Nazi flags in a crowd. LS of Hitler standing in a car driving next to crowds of people saluting him. Prime Minister Arthur Neville Chamberlain, Hitler, Édouard Daladier, Benito Mussolini arrive to the Führer House for the Munich Agreement. The Munich Agreement is a settlement that was reached by Great Britain, France, Italy, and Germany that permitted German annexation of the Sudetenland in Czechoslovakia. Chamberlain, Hitler, Daladier, and Mussolini go over paperwork. Hitler and Chamberlain sign the Munich Agreement. OTS of Hitler and Mussolini conversing. MS of Mussolini signing the Munich Agreement. LS of the Munich Agreement. Chamberlain, Hitler, Daladier, and Mussolini have their pictures taken after signing the Munich Agreement.