Civil strife flares up in Vienna, Austria Chancellor Engelbert Dollfuss is killed by a group of Nazi sympathizers. Soldiers guard his casket as Marshall law is declared. Crowds stand in silence in front of his casket. Soldiers stand by machine guns in the city streets and blockades go up and other soldiers with machine guns go into the sewer. People hold hands to block a city road. In New York City Graham McNammee announces that 20,000 people have gathered inside of Madison Square Garden to hear an inducement of the Hitler group by prominent leaders. There are nice shots from above as crowds have packed the stadium. Professor Raymond Muley, former undersecretary of the United States, says Hitler must not only be stopped for the integrity of the Jews but also as an American principle. Fiorello H. La Guardia, the mayor of New York City, speaks and says New Yorkers must protest not the German people but the present German Government. Stephen S. Wise, an eminent Jewish leader, is last to speak and he thanks God and the other leaders for fighting the Hitler Government and hopes that Hitler will become a tragic footnote of history and nothing more.