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Medium close-up of Nixon. He is being interviewed on a couch. He answers a question with, "I hope to win the election" Nixon thinks he will conduct the presidency in a way that commands the respect of America.  Nixon goes on to say that, "Some public men and destined to be loved, some public men and are destined to be disliked- but the most important thing is not whether he's' loved or disliked but respected". Nixon hopes to restore respect to the presidency.  As far as charisma and PR tricks, if that's what the people want then Nixon does not want to campaign or run the presidency that way. The interviewer tells Nixon that the public see him as anathema. That Nixon is a political opportunist where the desired ends justify the means. The interviewer asks Nixon how does he reconcile the doubts of the skeptics? Nixon answers that he has a hard political career and some of the public view of him as anathema. Nixon also thinks that because of his leadership qualities he can unite the country, win the respect/admiration of the American people.