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Medium shot of Nixon sitting on a couch being interviewed. Medium close-up as he gets ready to answer the question, "You were over-awed by Jack Kennedy's money, social grace, and position". Nixon dismisses the question- he answers that he has had to fight his way in spite of not having money or certain social graces he has a confidence that comes from fighting his way up all the way. Nixon had to work his way through school, fight campaigns with no money, having to do it all on your own- "You come out a very strong man, and you're not in awe of anybody". The interviewer asks another question about Nixon's style, asks Nixon if he's ever thought about style in terms of campaigning. Nixon says, "When style and charisma connote the idea of contriving pubic relations I don't buy it at all". He reflects that past leaders would not have made good tv personalities but they were great presidents because of what they stood for- because of their courage, their principle, and their character.