Three commercials are shown: Anacin headache medication, Salada ice tea, and Halo shampoo. The Anacin commercial opens with a mother sewing in her living room. She's frustrated and has a headache. Her son runs into the room and wants her attention. She cannot control her temper and yells at him. The boy puts on a sad face, and she feels sorry for snapping at him. She takes an Anacin and her pain is relieved. She goes into her son's room and plays with him. For the Salada commercial, a cartoon character ice skates around a frozen river. He zips back and forth and skids ice shavings off to the side that form into a tall chilled glass of Salada ice tea. The word Salada is then presented on the screen. The letters turn into ice cubes and fall into the tall glass. The next commercial is for Halo shampoo. A young blonde woman with glasses is reading a book. Out of nowhere, three floating cartoon character heads, wearing graduation caps on fly around her. They sing and comment on her shinny hair. Then a man who she's familiar with, comes from off screen and gets her attention. They both smile at each other. The following scene is a simple shot of the hair product nicely placed on a table.