Commercial for Alka Seltzer; Speedy, the Alka Seltzer spokesperson, starts his journey in front of U.S. Capitol with a cadre of Alka Seltzer boxes; jingle: “All over America, for fast relief, it’s speedy Alka Seltzer! speedy Alka Seltzer: on that most folks agree; the choice of every party in Washington, D.C.!”; shot of a congressman at a podium, passionately making a speech, then a quick cut to him in the men’s room, downing a glass of Alka Seltzer: “what good for me is good for YOU!” he exclaims; Speedy and his cadre of Alka Seltzer walk down a road, and he sings, “the South has fields of cotton and choice tobacco leaves; and when they have a headache Alka Seltzer brings relief!”; shot of a Mardi Gras float, then a quick cut to a female partygoer, smoking and chatting with a man while a jazz band plays behind them; the morning after, the woman has a glass of Alka Seltzer to relieve her aches; Speedy and his cadre continue to walk around the country, bringing relief; jingle: “it’s speedy Alka Seltzer for fast relief, you know; it’s speedy Alka Seltzer no matter where you go! If you have got a headache or your stomach is upset, get speedy Alka Seltzer, for fast relief, you’ll bet!”