Commercial and public service announcement for aspirin use; shots of different animals coincide with voiceover’s announcement: “What would you do for a pain the neck this long (pan of giraffe’s neck to head), accompanied by a 15-foot high headache? A five-pound toothache (hippo roars at the camera)? Or, all those aches and pains from too much monkeying around? (shot of chimpanzee holding his head with both hands)Or, even that achy feeling from hauling around the house all day? (shot of tortoise slowing crawling across) In the animal world, often little can be done to relieve pain, but in the people world, there’s aspirin: one our most widely used, effective pain remedies (shot of aspirin pouring out of a large beaker)! Even now, medical research is exploring new directions for the use of aspirin (shot of scientist using a microscope). But too much, like too much medicine of any kind, can be harmful! (shot of older man opening a medicine cabinet full of medicine bottles, juxtaposed with scene of emergency medical technicians wheeling a patient on a gurney into an emergency room, and another scene of horses in a field neighing) Use medicine only as prescribed or directed! With medicine, don’t horse around: it doesn’t pay! Instead, hang loose (shot of polar bear frolicking in a pool), and play it cool. Life is fragile (shot of deer and doe); handle with care!”