Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads,"News Paragraphs / Dusky belles compete!-Darktown strutters vie for Harlem, beauty crown / New York, N.Y." Fashion show outdoors in Harlem. An all African American crowd set in chairs by a swimming pool as women pass by wearing bathing suits. The girls are lined up in a row and they the camera pans across them. Two men wearing top hats and using canes walk by and inspect the girls. The winner, Norma Long, is presented a piece of paper than the camera pans up from her toes to her smiling face. Title reads, "Enns, Austria / Shoot rapids on skis!- Water walkers defy whirlpools in new sport" People attached canoe-like water skis to their feet. They are called 'cannel boats' and they trap into the water and use paddles to get down the river. The men navigate through rapids using their oversized skis. There are closeups of the rapids as the men deftly paddle down the river.