Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads,"Army fliers blind 'enemy' with smoke screen in war game / Mather Field, CAL" Smoke pours from a bi-plane into the sky. It comes out in a straight line and then billows outward, covering the ground. There is a nice aerial shot of Mather Field with hangers shown. More planes come in spraying smoke over the ground. There is a nice closeup from a plane to another bi-plane flying right by and a great shot from the cockpit of the plane as around ten planes fly in formation close behind. Title reads, "Washington Heights, N.Y. / Call her prettiest model in U.S. - Jean Drummond, 17, wins crown over 1,200 rivals. Drummond poses in the center of six other models. She is wearing a bathing suit while the other woman wear dresses. There is a cross fade to just her standing in the same spot. She poses and the camera moves to a closeup as she turns around and the scene ends with an extreme closeup of her smiling face.