Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Open Great $6,000,000 Cooper River Bridge / 60,000 attend ceremonies linking New England with the South / Charleston, S.C." The camera pans across a standing crowd of people, some are holding umbrellas for shade and others wave fans to cool down. Title card reads, "Mayor Stoney speaks" and this is followed by a shot of the mayor in a grand stand, speaking into a single microphone. Title card then reads, "Governor Richards" and he speaks into the mic. Another title card reads, "Senator Cole Blease" and he reads from a paper and speaks into the mic. Another title card reads, "Col. James Armstrong cuts the ribbon and declares the bridge open to all." He cuts the ribbon as a crowd looks on. Title card reads "A gorgeous pageant of floats is part of the ceremony" and this is followed by a wide shot of the bridge with pan down to the road where various floats are crossing the bridge. Next there are close-ups of the floats as they pass under the camera. Title card reads, "The structure is higher than the Brooklyn Bridge and is the fifth highest span in the world." The next shot is a pan from the side of the bridge and from the ground looking up.