Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads,"Young Reds Abandon camp upon arrest of girl flag revilers / Van Etten, N.Y." Mabel Husa and Ailene Holmes, leaders of the International Workers Relief Camp for Children at Van Etten are smiling. They were sentenced thirty days in jail for insulting the American flag. Children make a raised hand salute and hold up communism/pro-worker signs. One reads, "Down with Imperialist Wars!" and another reads, "Demand the Release of Harry Eisman" More shots of saluting children and a newspaper like sign has a headline that reads, "Working-Class Leaders" and "Red Pep" The children have their luggage placed on top of a bus and line up to get on while woman hand them paper bagged lunches. The greyhound bus leaves and the children wave out in-between metal bars, some hold signs that are illegible. Title reads, "Vienna, Austria / Invent odd gymnastic device! Strange exercising doohickey rivals perpetual motion." A woman grabs onto two metal bars as she is rotated by a metal cage. There are 39 motions that can achieved and the device looks like a human sized gyroscope. Title reads, "Fulton, N.Y. / The latest in jobs for women! -Ice-delivering no longer exclusively for mere man." A pair of woman carry a 300 pound ice block onto an ice truck. The truck drives down a block and comes to a stop and the women get out and unload the ice. The narrator proclaims them to be the world's first pair of lady icemen. One woman carries the ice to an ice box.