Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads,"City island, N.Y. / Enterprise, America's Cup defender, shows speed and class in first trial." The Enterprise, a large sail boat, speeds by past a lighthouse. There are more closeups of the boat as it sails. Harold Vanderbilt is the captain and he is shown along with the crew of twenty men in a closeup rising the sail. Title reads, "Ceremonies attend unveiling of great national memorial / Rushmore, S.D." Mount Rushmore is shown and there is an explosion revealing Washington's chin. Washington's head is shown from afar and then there is a closeup of a man rappelling down Washington's nose. He is followed by another man who drapes the American flag over the Washington's forehead. A man swings from Washington's chin than a long shot of the monument is displayed. The scene ends with a model depicting the final version of the monument which shows Washington's upper body, and Jefferson and Lincoln peering from his left shoulder.