Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Nab counterfeiters and bogus-money plant in quick raid / Toledo, Ohio" Men sit around a table testing counterfeit bills. They inspect a machine that made $20 bills. Title reads, "Shamrock rails in last gallant try for America's Cup / Newport, R.I." Two sailboats are racing. The Enterprise, the competing boat piloted by Harold Vanderbilt, quickly gains the lead and sets a new course record. There are aerial shots of both boats as they sail. The scene ends with the America's Cup trophy shown in a glass case. Title reads, "Leviathan receives winer overhauling; gives work to 50 / Boston, Mass." A huge steam cruise ship, the Leviathan pulls into the dry dock at the Boston Navy yard and dock workers tie rope to its moorings. And workers paint the side of the ship is a nice long shot. Men cross the boat on a crane and the men hang on one of the ship's smoke stacks painting them.