Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "History Made in Epochal Flight" Opens with a plane landing on a runway. The plane is on the ground and photographers and a crowd gather around. Dieudonné Costes and Maurice Bellonte are shown exiting the plane. They made the first non-stop flight from Paris to New York. In a long shot a large crowd is seen exiting the airfield. There is a closeup of Dieudonné Costes being carried on shoulders. The men are paraded through the streets of New York as confetti falls from buildings. A long shot of both men as they ride in the back of an open roof car and followed by a closeup of both men's smiling faces. Title reads, "A disaster that stirred the World" and the shot is a road covered in debris with women holding bags on their heads. Title reads, "2,000 die, 5,000 homeless in worst 'quake of modern times / Melfi, Italy" This is followed by brief shots of soldiers digging through rubble, displaced families with their belongings on the street, and a shot of a half destroyed building. Title reads, "Unemployed storm city bureau as 5,000 battle for 100 jobs. New York, N.Y." There are lines of men waiting outside a the New York city bureau. Inside, a group of women crowd the front desk. More shots of the line which stretches as far as the camera can see down the block. A man tries to cut in line and is taken away by the police.