Universal Newspaper Newsreel title card reads, "Meet the Sisters 'G' / Eleanor and Carla, sensational Paris dancers, here for 'King of Jazz' roles / New York City." Eleanor and Carla are seen walking toward the camera on the deck of a steam boat. Then there is a closeup of the ladies' faces and they are wearing similar hats. Title reads, "'Cinderellas' compete in perfect foot contest / Twinkling tootsies are tested at convention of Chiropodists' Association." Women are seen walking down a fashion runway barefoot, then there is a pan across various women's' bare feet. They are then seen kicking their feet and a title announces that, "Nellie Hayes' blue ribbon puppies" and a closeup of her feet are shown and then a pan to up to her body holding the gold trophy. Title reads, "Coast population jumps / Hurry call is sent for synthetic 'mother' to feed twelve babies born at one time / Los Angeles , CAL" Twelve puppies are seen feeding out of milk bottles that are attached to a wooden plank. There are closeups of the puppies as they feed. Title card reads, "Waiters Hold Marathon / Galloping garcons have annual race through streets of Capital / Paris, France." A group of about twenty waiters dressed in white tuxedos carrying dinner platters with wine bottles on their tops rush through a Paris sidewalk as onlookers gape. There is a nice tracking shot from a car as the waiters are seen running. More shots of them rushing through the street. At the finish there is a dispute and the title announces that the race will be repeated on a track and the scene ends.