Commercial for Chrysler cars; Cinderella is sulking in a park when the fairy appears to ask her why she’s down; she points at her dilapidated pumpkin carriage and laments that she can’t go to the ball in that; with the wave of her wand, the Fairy transforms it into a Chrysler convertible, which surprises Cinderella (”I thought you only made pumpkin carriages!”); the Fairy says that Chryslers are in, and as they drive, the Fairy transforms a few different pumpkins lining the road into other Chrysler models; male voiceover: “turning your old car into a Chrysler is no trick at all! Buy fully size Chrysler Newport models, priced just a few dollars a month more than most popular smaller cars comparably equipped! This year, turn your car into a Chrysler! It’s easy!” end banner: “Move up to a Chrysler!”

Not Explicit